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Front and Back Cover

Future Can Wait

This is a long-term photography project about Gürün, my family’s town where i spent my childhood days. Nature in here is generous, full of mystery, and has a hidden heart

Lost Shawl of Gürün

At the top of the world it is estimated that Gürünians had been busy trying to become the center of the shawl weaving industry since 15thcentury up until the deterritolarization of the Armenian population during 1915 in the  town of Gürün located in the Sivas province of Turkey, or Sebastia in the historic Lesser Armenia


Personal Communication

Moon, Valley and Sky. The three spaces i love the most. In creating my own proposal, versatility and that which is must dear to me underpinned my communication materials.  

Taypa Textile

This is the design of corporate profile for Taypa which is a ready-made garment garment company that works with renowed textile brands worldwide   

Front-Back Cover
Correspondence Cards

Tayal Textile

Corporate branding work for Tayal, a Turkish company located in Algeria who share a love of fennec foxes

Based Brewed Coffee 

The product branding idea is a blend of vintage Seattle tower scenes, backstreets, and the general urban environment, reflecting the background of these unique coffees.

Based Cards Grey


Currently I am keen to create a fictional photographic project about a municipal housing neighborhood located 50 meters from my house, waiting a second speculative, topsy-turvy urban renewal project. This neighborhood will continue to haunt politicians’ dreams until it becomes conquered


Tez Medikal

Tez Medikal is one of the largest occupational health consultancy firms in Turkey, and specializes in offering services to both public and private sector organizations. Their brand communication and experience had to be reconsidered in parallel with the firm’s intention to expand to global markets


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