´╗┐Real Review is An Inspiring Quarterly Published Contemporary Cultural Magazine Questioning What It Means to Live Today.

Real Review is an inspiring quarterly published contemporary cultural magazine questioning what it means to live today. Founder Jack Self is a trained architect inspired by architecture and design of space but Real Review is not limited to any disciplines and maybe more close to philosophy and design. Each issue covers the versatility of topics and includes reviews by a mix of exciting names like economist Mariana Mazzucato, Dutch collective Metahaven, Jack Self himself, contemporary artist and activist AI Wei Wei... Review format is open-ended when it comes to express thoughts and knowledge based on argues with evidence and can act as timeless discussions. It might be close to reality maybe more than any formats.

Reading the review by one of the world's leading and interesting economists Mariana Mazzucato, she tries to answer the connection between design and economics and on the one hand, Jack Self talks about nootropics marketed as smart drugs designed improve modern-day human's cognitive function. In the next article, we are going back to the 1990s, tracing how virtual products started to evolve or learning about 75 years-old Yanka Dodnikova from a village of Bulgaria who sells knitted socks online.

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Real Review is a collective act for thinking and determining the current climate in the world by design, politics, philosophy, and technology but not disconnected from past events constructed today's experiences. As concerns over social inequality, global warming, and loss of biodiversity, democracy, and various problems are obvious, this contemporary cultural magazine is presenting diverse perspectives on those subjects matter and bring the matters to the table.