As a part of large transformation project for Akbank, teams worked on repositioning all design aspects of the bank, from refreshing their brand to a new comprehensive design system that unified UI principles for ATM machines, mobile app and internal applications.

Visual Design,
Building Component Libraries

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Creating a new omni-channel digital transformation

Client came with the request of building a digital transformation process where brand is refreshed and enhanced with a new design system to be used in omni-channels including internal and external. I have collaborated with different teams from London and Istanbul to  work on building Staff Channels projects including Call Center, Customer Relationship Service Channel named Integro and ATM.

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Building a coherent design system

We develop a new design system with new branding. Work process based on iterating, prototyping and validating concepts with users and sharing the output with the client during throughout sprints. As a part of the crowded team, my role spanned from building and extending libraries as a part of design system as well as continuing iterative and human-centered approach while delivering visual design work.

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Building Component Library

Building component libraries for different applications have been a crucial part of this project. From the start our approach have been aligning different libraries with each other. Extending libraries while sharing outcomes with the client and development teams smoothed the design&development processes and created a consistent design system.