Based Brewed Coffee Company

Project Development : Product Packaging : Corporate Branding

"Based Brewed Coffee" is a personal project devised and enhanced over time by a desire to create a coffee company that makes fruit-flavored coffees. There are three different kinds of coffee: orange, mint, and lemon. The flavors are branding with colorful material as a method of relating the concept to coffee lovers, and also to capture the vitality of modern urban life.

In-house brand communication and client-focused advertising is innovative, using a modified and simplified logo form like those used on the bottle labels. This blended approach reflects the process of crafting coffee.

The product branding idea is a blend of vintage Seattle tower scenes, backstreets, and the general urban environment, reflecting the background of these unique coffees ↓

"mint-orange-lemon" bottles, front

"mint-orange-lemon" bottles, back


businesscards, back-front

website, home page

website, "mint" page

website, "orange" page

website, "lemon" page

website, shop page