imece is a platform to bring together individuals and institutions to generate innovative solutions around social challenges. We tried to build a digital platform to increase interaction between different stakeholders for funding and support needed as well to ease application processes and getting info about ongoing competitions.   


Art Direction, UI/UX


Creating a Platform of Interaction

The purpose behind creating a digital platform for imece has been to increase interaction between individuals, teams and stakeholders working on sustainable development goals. Platform helps to inform users on incubation programs, latest news&events and challenges they can participate and apply.


Organization of Information

Organization of the structure designed for making easier to scroll and navigate through densely text based content. A minimal visual approach is considered to simplify reading experience. 


Customized Profile Pages and Chat Support

Social entrepreneurs that needs support on finding solutions to social issues access education, mentorship and grants through the Accelerator have their personal customized profile pages. Profile pages include detailed information about the team and their work. Users can chat with the teams and share their profile through their profile.