KOJ is a casual men's and unisex wear brand from Istanbul. Client was in need of creating a brand transformation through e-commerce platform with the idea of expanding brand to larger markets with a dynamic and modern look.

UI/UX Design, Art Direction,

Desktop with Footer Copy 15

A simple shopping experience

From the start, we have imagined a seamless shopping experience inspired by minimal design. Users are directed to categories and shopping cart easily when they first enter e-commerce website with supporting navigation and categorization. Within a few steps, users can customized their shopping experience and find the products they are looking for..  

KOJDesktop 4

Mobile Shopping

We helped KOJ to increase functionality for mobile shoppers with smooth transitions, scrolling and minimal interface, shopping steps are simplified and products are in the spotlight.

KOJmobil 2

Minimal Photography

We have tried to create an unconditional feeling with the photography using soft fabrics at the background with showing flaws from the set. Focus of the imagery is always products while models keep their unconcerned look.