Didem Toprak

Personal Communication Branding

Moon, Valley and Sky. The three spaces I love the most. In the darkness of night under a starry sky, and hearing the sounds of an animal that remains silent during the day now in perfect communion. Between the valleys they gather to meet on their secret agenda. And while the sky covers the world in various colors, secretive changes are occurring.

In creating my own proposal, versatility and that which is most dear to me, such as nature, underpinned my branding motivation. The logo symbolizes moon, valley, and sky, as well as an abstraction of my initials. The brand’s main color is a play on my surname, while the color palette used in the logo borrows from landscape colors. The end result is a combination of color and nature inspired senses.

I have decided to use photos from the publicly-available sources of the New York Public Library that are well-matched with the overall feeling of identity. Images found from such sources are used throughout the brand-building process to include stationery such as envelopes, as well as tote bags to support printed materials ↓


notebook, letterhead

notebook, hardcover

envelope, front-back

envelope designs

Tote Bag, Moon

totebag, moon

Tote Bag, Valley

totebag, valley 1


totebag, sky

Tote Bag, Valley

totebag, valley 2