Tayal Textile

Corporate Branding

Tayal is a Turkish company located in Algeria that is specialized in manufacturing textile products. The client’s proposal featured the idea of using the national animal of Algeria, the Fennec fox. This animal is the smallest fox in the world foxes noted also for its unusually large ears. The fox is native to the in Sahara and Northern Africa. The proposed logo embodies the national symbol by using it to represent the company’s adaptation and integration to its future partner, the state of Algeria.

The branding proposal envisages the widespread placement of the corporate logo and other recognizable elements in the simplest, most readily identifiable format. The color choice is that of denim for clear identification against a traditional desert background. The integration of Algeria's lovable national animal with simple, yet attractive branding notably enhanced the ultimate outcome of the campaign.

Patterns used as a symbol to sand dunes of the desert scene in the Algeria.
Fluid patterns as well recall the similar patterns used in denim production ↓ 

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