Taypa Textile

Editorial Design: Direction: Photography

Taypa is a ready-made garment company of the Tay Group located in Turkey that works with renowned textile brands worldwide. The company is also a design oriented fashion supplier and manufacturer. Our design proposal was to associate the brand with design oriented products, rather than collections produced to order by various brands. Our approach from the start was to find a minimal formula editorial design-wise to match photos and information on the company for greater effect and emphasis.

The second proposal focused on the company's new philosophy, namely 'fast-flexible-fashion'. This philosophy has become the foundation of developing fashion shoots. Twelve images loaded with information on the company were used between chapters to enliven the corporate profile. For the mailing of corporate profiles we prepared special envelopes welcoming viewers to the corporate profile contained within.

We opted to use recycled paper within the publication in step with the company’s environmentally aware policies, and a textured contour paper
for the cover to reference the feel of denim  ↓


cover, front

cover, back-front

inside page, 1

inside page, 2

inside page, 3

inside page, 4

inside page, 5

inside page, 6

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