Tez Medikal

Corporate Branding

Tez Medikal is one of the largest occupational health consultancy firms in Turkey, and specializes in offering services to both public and private sector organizations. Their brand communication and experience had to be reconsidered in parallel with the firm’s intention to expand to global markets. To this end we decided to redesign all of their communications and media.

To begin with we created a logotype with an abstraction of the letters T&M, and changed the original dark colors they had used before to a softer palette, and used a sans-serif typography to keep the re-branding minimal and contemporary. We applied these changes to their stationery and totebags, and decided that their “Reducing Risks for the Better” slogan would work both verbally and visually. Both the logo and the patterns used throughout the branding is a result of this decision. However, our efforts were not implemented as the project had to be canceled.

Our design proposal was to modernize their outdated corporate branding
by way of a simple yet recognizable identity and branding solution  ↓




envelope, back-front

letterhead, folder

businesscard holder

businesscard, back-front


toteback, front


toteback, back