A platform built for social innovators.

Zorlu Holding


UI/UX Design
Interaction Design


imece is a platform to bring together individuals and institutions to generate innovative solutions around social challenges. We tried to build a digital platform to increase interaction between different stakeholders for funding and support needed as well to ease application processes and getting info about ongoing competitions.


Creating the platform of continuous interaction.

The purpose behind creating a digital platform for imece has been to increase interaction between individuals, teams, and stakeholders working on sustainable development goals. The platform helps to inform users about incubation programs, the latest news&events, and challenges they can participate in and apply.

We mapped out, designed, and built every part of the imece platform in collaboration with Atölye and stakeholders. Working as one integrated team, my part involved UX, UI, and website photography. Understanding the user's requirements and building a digital service empowering many social innovators with the help of a web platform was crucial.


Empowering social innovators with
digital tools.

We have provided content management tools to teams for the customization and management of their data. In the front end, users can view structured content with simple and straight-forwarded interfaces, find useful content on projects, and teams, and how to contribute to sustainable development goals. In a short time, we have seen a steady increase in the number of users and fundraising of projects.


Immediate communication between community.

The platform connects the different teams as well as keeps track of their status on the recent projects they are working on. Teams can share their projects through the platform to get more insight and feedback from the community. With the chat function, immediate communication with teams has been much faster.


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