Supporting cancer patients through an app.

Danish Cancer Society

Manyone Copenhagen

Design System
UI/UX Design
Interaction Design



Danish Cancer Society is an organisation gives active effort against cancer. Sammenholdet is the free app designed for patients by organisation to enable cancer patients and their network to organize the help and support that may be needed during the course of the disease. 


Re-designing networking app with new brand.

Sammenholdet is an app that enables cancer patients and their network to organize the help and support that may be needed during the course of the disease. Patients can get help with practical tasks, coordinate visits and tell the network how things are going. 

The project started with a first immersion phase to understand the new branding guidelines and user experience issues in the current version of the app. After an UX Sanity check, defining the problems in component and interaction design level, iterating and defining the solution for improvements included.



We implemented a new design concept for making things easier for users.

We implemented a new design concept with intuitive navigation to make it easier for users to switch between different networks they participate, and view the current network they are logged in. Networks are created for patients and close relatives to coordinate help and support during the course of the illness. App was missing the notifications center for users to follow up the latest updates on time. Notifications placed in a fixed header for more visibility. We also focused on adding new visual elements such as colorful illustrations and icons, in-app communication cards, and help center sections to provide clear, user-friendly and concise information with users.  



Creating a compact design system including new components and foundations.

For the first sprint, we have assembled changes on components such as tabs, selections, buttons, category cards, input fields, and dialogs for fixing usability matters. New components designed to optimize touchscreen interaction, and prevent accidental selection.


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