Increasing interaction with potential postgraduate degree students.

Istanbul Bilgi University


UI/UX Design
Interaction Design

Lite is a progressive postgraduate program that explores the frontiers of hybrid learning in a university setting. Client needed a touchpoint to interact with potential students for this newly founded postgraduate programme.


First introduction to a postgraduate
program about learning, innovation
and technology

Lite is a postgraduate program that offers students the skills and in-depth knowledge necessary to become innovative business leaders. We came together with the staff and founders of the program to utilize an informational website for candidates to share information on the program overview, admission and application process, news, and events. The desired outcome of the project was to ease the pressure of choosing a study and give a clear opinion on the prospective studies.

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Targeting young professionals with new design solutions.

The design language of the website conveys the program's dynamic contemporary vision, as it has the young visionary entrepreneurs as staff and envisioning a future where innovation and technology can transform the business arena. The visual design target young professionals looking for a change. The end solution provides a solid foundation that meets the expectations of the program and students on with successful content management, attractive user interfaces, and easy-to-use application steps provided by the website.

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