Introducing a new design language for company profile.



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Concept Development
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Taypa is a big fashion supplier and manufacturer with high-quality design-oriented products. We have created a photography set and company profile for the company for creating a touchpoint for customers worldwide.


A simple and uncluttered design language pushing forward the new products and services

I have collaborated with the fashion department of Taypa to create a company profile demonstrating the history and values while refreshing the brand positioning strategy of the fast fashion company. We aimed to create a simple and uncluttered design strategy to articulate the launch of new products and services. The profile includes many sections for readers to guide through information about production values, the design department, and ethically-sourced materials.


Communicating with wide range of audiences with a company profile

Typographic decisions have been made considering a wide range of audiences from different cultures, and ages, and readability have been the number one priority. A sans serif font is used for effective reading while bold icons and small design elements support the demonstration of the data about the company. 

The simplicity of fashion photography reflects the vision of the recently founded fashion department's work on high-quality fabrics and simple design. The underlying theme for the photoshoot was to display models looking effortless, urban, and comfortable with their casual everyday clothes. It was important to keep the background uncluttered and take the viewer's attention to the new collection and fabrics. We planned to keep photos looking overdone, without much editing to keep the series neutral.


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